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10 last added releases

[Passie Posse - Terug]
[Mr. G. Reality - Stronger than ever]
[SOCOM (Soldier Of Christ On A Mission) - Truth Be Told Hosted By DJ WILL]
[SOCOM (Soldier Of Christ On A Mission) - Truth Be Told Hosted By DJ 4​:​12]
[Listener - Return to Struggleville (remastered version)]
[Listener - Wooden Heart]
[Peace 586 - aBle]
[Various Artists - The Church : Called & Collected]
[Various Artists - Grass Roots : Volume 2]
[Fab Da Eclectic - A Grip of Beats : Volume 2]

Site news

June 30 we celebrate our 3rd birthday! (30-06-2008, by Busy R.)
In the 3 years HHHdb.com is online, the site has grown to one of the major information-sources on christian rap, but the foundation on which this site started are much older than just 3 years...

For a little history (or Nostalgie, whatever you want to call it), you may want to check out "Tha TRiPLE H. DataBASS" which was homed on AgainstThaFlow.com on The Internet Archive (mirror) as early as 1999.

Much thanks go out to Ivan, who has made this project his life-work!


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