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Currently 2826 reviews for 3401 releases by 995 artists... and growing!

10 last added releases

[DC Talk - DC Talk And The One Way Crew]
[Christiano - Pray 4 Me (single)]
[Christiano - Threat to the game]
[Christiano - Anointed Shogun]
[Cross Movement - Human Emergency Sampler]
[Cross Movement - Cross Movement Ministries Presents The Track]
[Comunalien - Live at Tomfest 1997]
[Comunalien - Comunique]
[CMC's, The - Ain't No Party (single)]
[BX Music - Few Changes]

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Site news

Waking up from hibernation (02-07-2024, by Busy R.)
After a 10 year break, you might have noticed that HHHdb.com is showing signs of activity again...

New releases are being added as we speak, and new features such as the Spotify-playlists are being developped.

For a one-man-project, it's probably safe to say it's impossible to get the site 100% up-to-date with all current HHH-releases, but at least I'm back working on it again...

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