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If you need to contact us, please use the following form.

When posting corrections/additions for the database, please be as complete as possible. Artist name, bio, discography, release-dates, track-titles, album-covers, artist-photo's, album-reviews, you name it, we need it all..
You can add 1 attachment to each comment. If you need to add more files, please zip (keep in mind the maximum attachment size of 8 MB), or supply multiple forms...


Snail mail

If you don't have any digital artwork of your release, you can send it by snail-mail.

You don't get anything extra if you send us your album and you won't miss anything if you don't. Your Holy Hip Hop-albums will be added to HHHdb.com as soon as we learn of their existence, even if you don't send it to us.

However, finding a free album in the mail always motivates us to work even harder on the HHHdb ;-) and we might decide to write a review if we find the time to do so.

Kennedylaan 47
The Netherlands

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