What is MyHHHdb-collection?

MyHHHdb-collection is the ultimate way to publish a list of your (HHH-related) record/cd-collection online. It's an easy way to tell people what records you have, or to check out what records that great DJ that you heard last night has (if he's signed up to MyHHHdb-collection).

You also need an account to be able to apply your rating to releases.
And, did we mention it is free? No matter how big we grow, or how big we wanna grow, this service will be free today, tommorow, next year, forever..


We will *never* sell or give away your info to any other company. You will not receive spam or other unsolicited email from us (and since we do not share your info, you won't get spammed by other companies as well).

NOTE: We are *NOT* an MP3-sharing service, or support illegal copying. This is just a way to tell people what records you have, or to keep your collection organised for just yourself (when the [PRIVATE]-option is selected nobody but you can see what records you have)

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