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Megamouth - Rap Battle in the Big City

Release:Rap Battle in the Big City
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Recordlabel:Frontline Kids
Info:Produced by Terry Scott Taylor. Voices by Terry Taylor, Dan Ruple and others.

1. Megamouth Theme
2. If They'd A'done It Then, It Would'a Helped Them Later
3. Just Say "N-O"
4. That's Rad
5. The Frequency Jam (Killocycle Theme)
6. Trouble In Big City
7. David Said A Prayer
8. Rap Zapper (The Rap Blaster's Song)
9. The "Rap" Battle: a. Megamouth's Challenge, b. Megamouth vs. Killocycle
10. The Last Word
11. Megamouth Theme (Reprise)
12. That's Rad (Part Two)
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Review:I need these albums.
source: unknown, added: Apr 28, 2009
Review:Please add them to mininova. Killer Remixes. I promise. DL.
source: unknown, added: Apr 28, 2009

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