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A-1 S.W.I.F.T. - Turn yourself around

Release:Turn yourself around
Turn yourself around
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Media:[Audio CD]
Info:Production by Buster and Shavoni for We Fly Music.
Executive production by We Fly Music & Claude LaTaillade.

1. Oooh Devilll
2. The Real G
3. Turn Yourself Around
4. The 40, the Gat & The Blunt
5. Can't Bow the Knee
6. Rescue 911
7. Respect
8. Drive by Witness
9. Repair the Breech
10. Promised Land
11. Hood (Bonus Track)
Rating:Our users rated this release: 6 out of 10
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Original author/source
Review:A-1 (eerste klas) S.W.I.F.T. (Salvation Will Indeed Feel Terrific) is een duo, dat bestaat uit Chris en Alisha Taylor, die beiden begin twintig zijn. Hun stijl kun je omschrijven als straat-georiČnteerde rap in de stijl van groepen als 'A Tribe Called Quest' en 'Digable Planet'. Hun doel is om een authentieke oplossing te geven voor de problemen, waarmee jongeren vandaag worstelen vanuit hun Christen-zijn.
source: Samma Nieuws - Januari 1995, added: Feb 23, 2005
Review: 1. Oooh Devil!!!
2. The Real G
3. Turn Yourself Around
4. The 40, The Gat, And The Blunt
5. Can't Bow The Knee
6. Rescue 911
7. Respect
8. Drive By Witness
9. Repair The Breech
10. Promised Land
11. The Hood (bonus track)
source: unknown, added: Mar 09, 2006
Review:This duo ---(Thank God 4 them wherever they may be) were staight up HOT! --bangin beats and rough flowin ---if both they albums was to get re-released they would make $$$
they had a sound that was so versatile and way b4 its time -- this album if it came out today and no one ever knew it was back in 1994 would think it was hype thats why i say A-1 S.W.I.F.T was way b4 they time ---!!!!!!
source: unknown, added: Jan 07, 2009

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