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Cas Metah - Dimension Tide

Release:Dimension Tide
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:ESeye Music
Info:1. Intro
2. Can't Lie
3. Fragile Leaves - featuring Playdough
4. Operation Restoration
5. Redesigned
6. Famous Lovers - featuring Ruffian, Wonder Brown and Mouf Warren.
7. Curse Or A Cure? - featuring JustMe
8. Snake Eyes
9. Roll With The Punches
10. We To Do (remix) - featuring JustMe and Sintax.the.terrific.
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Review:Written by Conduct Lionhardt
Tuesday, 15 August 2006

Cas Metah - Dimension Tide

Receiving CAS METAH's EP, "Dimension Tide" in the mail, I found myself looking forward to a wonderful experience. CAS is an artist that I'd heard a scarce few tracks from here and there and, with this being my first exposure to him on an entire project, I was really into hearing him stretch his rap muscles.

Upon peeping that it was 10 tracks, though, I remembered my brother's adage about albums of 10 tracks or less, "In 10 tracks, you can't have room for any errors."

Cautiously, I placed the disc into my stereo…

The album opens with one of my favorite intro's to date, with CAS allowing his young brother Scot Haney to run amok on a microphone saying whatever he wanted and introducing his big brother as CAS METAH. From there we're launched into the single bust "Can't Lie" produced by JustMe. It brings a smile to the face as the soul sample opens up for CAS' bravado about his rhyme skills and his crew, Scribbling Idiots.
After that we find ourselves dipping into the Freddie Bruno produced, "Fragile Leaves", which also features Playdough on a rare singing feature as CAS speaks on the human condition and how we sometimes don't fess up to the Babylon state of the world.

The next track spirals the listener into "Operation Restoration", which retails two times in history that God has sought to restore the order to his creation, first with the Flood and Noah, then the second time with Jesus Christ death on the cross. This track features a chorus sung by a guy named 2-Tone who proves to be a lackluster to this reviewer. He has an odd vocal tone that leaves him sadly between Nate Dogg and Elias. 4th Command's beat and CAS make the track even with the chorus mis-step, though.

"Redesigned" opens up a romantic sounding Mattman production as CAS speaks on his life and how he began moving from being sinful to seeking to be sinless. Tara Kennedy handles this sung hook, sounding slightly shaky as if it were her first recording yet, after a second listen I found her to be less bothersome than when I first heard her.

"Famous Lovers" with features from fellow Scribbling Idiots (Wonder Brown, Ruffian, and Mouf Warren) is a masterful stroke on the lyrical tip but, once again, strikes out on the hook with an almost abrasive hook that doesn't accomadate the level the emcees bust from verse to verse. I found myself skipping past it on every listen, cause the track was good and the Panik beat was nice.

"Curse or Cure" featuring JustMe sounds like a missing track from the duos collab album and holds up very well on this disc and begins the albums swing back into the level of "good". CAS and JustMe do well together and match the Dj Frantic beat well, with its tight violin sample.

"Snake Eyes" ends up being my favorite track on this album as CAS METAH flips into storytelling mode ("there something Jan don't know/ Ray has some bad habits/ no he's not a gambler or a crack addict/") about and up, then down, relationship between a woman of faith and a young man who's a liar ("But Ray likes to lie/ Ray likes to cheat/ alibi after alibi, conceit-deceived/ succeeding defeat by lying in the eyes of diamond whose priceless/ comprised by the righteous, divine like Dionysis"). Mattman really impresses me with the beat that captures in its essence the potent emotion of the tale that CAS weaves until ("Then one day, all of a sudden/ Conviction hit Jan so hard it rendered her with a spiritual concussion") a close by Theory Hazit's trained cuts on the 1s and 2s.

"Roll With The Punches" is produced by Dust and CAS floats on it like you'd expect someone too. Its definitely another gem on this project as CAS tells it like it is and even comes off somewhat like Dust partner, Manchild in his delivery.

Finally, Theory Hazit serves up a remix of "We To Do" featuring JustMe and the incorrigible Sintax the Terrific. The track is stellar on the lyrical levels, as one would expect, but Theory's heavy baseline proved somewhat distracting to this reviewer to a point I had to disable the bass on my stereo as well as turn down the volume. With a slightly less robust bass volume, the track proves highly entertaining as well as offering a classic Sintax verse.

My brother's statement, however, proves to be true as the missteps in a few hooks bogs down the album that, on the whole in terms of beats and lyrics, could have been a stellar EP, making anticipation for the upcoming LP, "Guest Room" palpable. Instead it leaves you hoping that the LP ends up being a continued step forward for the most outspoken member of the Scribbling Idiots crew.

For fans of: Scribbling Idiots, JustMe, Deepspace5, Sintax,the.terrific, Sev Statik, Stu Dent, Mars ILL

3.5 of 5 stars
source: Sphereofhiphop.com, added: Aug 17, 2006

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