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Marod - Degree 40:3

Release:Degree 40:3
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Phat Boy Recordings
Info:1. Mercy Intro
2. Money No More
3. Battle Against The Mind
4. Times Up
5. In Heaven
6. Everyday
7. Heist, The
8. Jubilee
9. Scaredy Cats
10. Mercy Outro
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Review:This is an incredible album that many MANY slept on. This man is speaking the word of God in his album and the beats are timeless. Marod is one of the main reasons that I wanted to pursue Christian Rap! (Not Christian hip-hop a serious oxymoron. Do the research on the history of hip-hop and what it stands for.) If anyone knows how to get a hold Bro. Byron Marod, please let me know! I want to reach out to him but I cannot seem to find any contact info. My email address is rlm_500@yahoo.com. Thank you and God Bless. By the way, do youself a favor head to Amazon and buy this album!!!!! You will not be sorry! There is not a bad track on it. You can tell that he poured his heart and God driven soul on EVERY track.
source: 11th Hour (Ray Massey II), added: Oct 07, 2009

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