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Corey Red & Precise - Street Prophecy : Mixtape volume 2

Release:Street Prophecy : Mixtape volume 2
Street Prophecy : Mixtape volume 2
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Life Music Records
Info:1. Intro
2. Street Ministry
3. Book Of Life
4. Leave Me Alone
5. No Compromise
6. Jesus Walks
7. Coast To Coast
8. The Foundation
9. Feel My Flow
10. Do You Believe?
11. My Story
12. Harlem World
13. Slow Jam
14. The Answer
15. Outro
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Original author/source
Review:With the mix-tape suddenly experiencing new life in hip-hop, The Yuinon decided to chat with Corey Red and Precise before we make their highly anticipated Street Prophecy Volume II mix tape available, for free! Many MCs claim to have rhymes for days, these brothers truly do. I know I often think, that’s a lyrical turd, content wise on top of a hot track, so to hear Red and Precise literally “spit life” (got your T-shirt yet?) over recognizable tracks by some of today’s hottest secular artists (G-Unit, Jay Z., Kanye West, Westside Connection, and classic Wu-Tang among others) is a strategy that can penetrate the heart of the hardest unsaved hip-hop head. The lyrical highlights are too many to mention here, but the CD closer “The Answer” is definitely one:

… “There’ll always be a Osama, al Qaida, Hussein, ‘til the one world gang controllin’ your whole brain, so I offer the answer to racism, cancer, preach to strip dancers, children of Black Panthers…” - Precise from The Answer

… “This verse beyond 4th grade level so catch the next rap, you get high, I pray you drop your pipe on the next crack. Zion vs. Babylon, Christ vs. Abaddon, Jehovah’s Mighty Men with javelins piercin’ Leviathan…” - Corey Red from The Answer

The Yuinon: What was the response to Street Prophecy Volume I?

Red: We got a lot of testimonies of people telling us that it helped them get through to people they’d being trying to reach for years to the point of them being converted or how it set them up to be ministered to.

Precise: A lot of Christians have told us they burned ‘em and gave them to unsaved friends. I have kids knockin’ on my door asking for it. It’s like they get the point, these cats rap for God. They ask me stuff like, yall got a whole crew of people who rap for God? I tell ‘em yeah, I got fam in Detroit, Florida, all over the place.

Red: There was some criticism, with the first joint but it wasn’t unexpected

Precise: Lemme clarify too, the only reason we sold the 1st joint is because it had five full new tracks that we did on it. We actually gave away more than we sold.

The Yuinon: So what prompted the second Mix Tape?

Precise: We always intended to put out lots of these (mix tapes). We believe in sowing into the streets. Multi-million dollar gospel labels don’t sow into the streets. I love being able to put something free into the hands of the unsaved, they’re mad grateful. Also for us, we can’t just rhyme when its time to put out an album, then it becomes a job, not love, not done from the heart.

Red: The whole mix tape boom of the last several years is about artistic survival in the 21st century. Mix tapes afford the artist more freedom because it’s separate from the industry political red tape. You can just record and put it out. With these two we did, one didn’t have anything to do the other. Our mentality is to keep it (the rhymes) comin’. I have to write, its artistic survival for me. Most artistry now is based on having a pop audience and giving them what they want to hear, My approach is I tell the audience what I WANT them to hear. A mix tape is not about a rating system, if you think its hot or wack, its your opinion, and you’re entitled to it. It’s wrong for me to try to change your mind just like its wrong of you to try to change me.

The Yuinon: How do yall determine which beats to jack?

Precise: Sometimes its personal favorites as far as beats, sometime it’s the current hotness.

Red: We like to go with what we feel, we pick like maybe 5 apiece and just knock it out, it’s no real deep protocol. There’s a fun element to doing mix tapes, you can just go with the flow.

Precise: Like the track from Jay Z. I spit over, I didn’t even know my mans was spittin’ about pain on that joint, but when I got the track, the rhyme I wrote ended up being about pain too.

The Yuinon: So are these “extra rhymes” that won’t be on the Resistance Iz Futile album?

Precise: These rhymes are brand new, they’re not old pages from notebooks where we said, “lemme do something with this.” No, the same heart and soul, prayer and effort go into these rhymes as if it was a “paid project”. There are cuts that didn’t make the mix tape!

Red: See, apart from recording, I like making music period. I’m always putting a song together. I do mix tapes for me as well. Ever since “It’s My Turn”, I just flow and then I scrutinize it, if I feel it and God feels it, I put it out.

- filed by “vessel”
source: TheYuinon.com, added: Jul 11, 2006

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