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3D Remedy - Salted Streets Volume 1.5 Mixtape

Release:Salted Streets Volume 1.5 Mixtape
Salted Streets Volume 1.5 Mixtape
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Evolution Musik
Info:The album is released in August 2004.

1. Intro ( Salted Streets)
2. What's Good - featuring Ason
3. Role Though - featuring J.A.Z.
4. Marvelous
5. The Fire - featuring J.A.Z.
6. Don't Test God - featuring Miz Rock, Solid-Voice
7. What Happened
8. I, D-I-E - featuring Miz Rock
9. Freestyle (Confess)
10. Enemies Better Fear - featuring Intellegentz
11. Shake Religion Off - featuring Mic Anon
12. Holla Word Up - featuring Intellegentz
13. We Don't Stop - Miz Rock
14. Church Getting Crazy
15. Get On Your Knees - featuring Miz Rock, DJ Maestro1
16. Deep In Sin - featuring DJ Maestro1
17. The Realest People
18. I Got The H.S. - featuring J.A.Z.
19. Reap This
20. Way Above
21. Las Trompetas - featuring Miz Rock
22. Outro (More Than A Dream)
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Review:I have made these twice. The dough was really soft and sickty. I was wondering if there was a mistake on the amount of flour. I kneaded more flour into the dough before baking but they still seemed very sickty and I have a hard time transfering them to the pan. The baked scone was very tastey but very soft. You almost need a fork to eat them. I may try these one more time adding about 1/2 cup more flour to see if that helps. I added a maple glaze the second time I made them.
source: Youssef, added: Oct 29, 2015

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