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Lecrae - Real Talk

Release:Real Talk
Real Talk
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Media:[Audio CD]
Style:Southern rap
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Recordlabel:Reach Records
Info:Production by Cheese, Deep Era Productions and Lecrae.
Guest appearances by R-Swift, Tedashii, Sho and Steven Carter.
The album is re-released by CMR on August 16, 2005.

1. Souled Out
2. We Don't
3. Aliens
4. Crossover
5. Represent
6. Real Talk
7. Take Me As I Am
8. The Church
9. Nothin'
10. The Line
11. Who U Wit
12. Heaven Or Hell
13. Wait (intro)
14. Wait
Rating:Our users rated this release: 8.1 out of 10
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Original author/source
Review:OK, who let these cats out? If anybody can say that holy hip hop meets vision with a vengeance, I'd say, "yeah, that's 'Real Talk'." I can say fo' real, that I've not heard a more passionate plea, a more focused fire, or a more explosive example of "holy" hip hop as Lecrae's release, "Real Talk."

Many times I refer to joints "back in the day." That's where my roots are, so forgive me. But the lyrics of Lecrae's "Real Talk" remind me of the depth and conviction that characterized gospel rap "back in the day." But the beats are straight up flava-full! That's why I describe this joint as "vision with a vengeance": raw, passionate, real, unashamed, arresting... I mean, "Real Talk" is a John-the-Baptist-mode "wake up" call. These boyz got something to say on "Real Talk." And you aren't gonna misinterpret what they're spittin', either. This is one of those hip hop joints that I can listen to without skippin' trax. Can't wait to drop it in the funkmobile (my mobile sanctuary) and spray some sanctified holy heat in the hood.

Mainstream "commercial" christian media would probably say the traxs are "too preachy." They wouldn't like track #12 fo' real ("Heaven or Hell"). But frankly, I believe there's nothing wrong with preachy lyrics -- that's why there's so many wicky-wimble wobbley saints around -- not enough illumination or revelation about the truth of God's Word has been reaching their earholz. So most definitely the truth won't have a chance to reach their hearts and transform them into a vessel God wants them to be when they thrive on weak, ambiguous lyrics in the music they consume hours, upon hours, upon hours a week. But now I'M preachin'... LOL Back to "Real Talk."

My tasty treats (y'all know me!) on the joint are: "Aliens," for the lyrical freshness, creative presentation of the Scriptural truth and production (vocal, arrangement); "Crossover," for the passion, the danceable beat, the creative gospel presentation, and the boldface truth; "Represent," for the rawness, the lyrical prowess, and Elijah factor (reppin' bold fo' the Christ, mein!), and "The Church," for the lyrical concept & delivery, production, and what I'll call a "rez-ready" beat -- resurrection, celebration-time beat! "Feel the resurrection power"!

In fact, ALR's slogan makes for an appropriate preface and summary for Lecrae's "Real Talk" -- FEEL THE RESURRECTION POWER! The whole CD presents a fresh vibe, fo' sho'. And baby they got some BASS & power synths!! So that's some flavapoints with DV already -- y'all know me by now! :-D

"Real Talk" is the benediction... We oughta be ready to rep Jesus Christ BOLD after givin' earholz to this joint by Lecrae. And Christians shouldn't have any hesitation bumpin' this release around non-Christians as quality holy hip hop. Burn that. Cop it, y'all.

Reviewed by DV
source: altaredlives.org, added: Jul 12, 2006

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