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Beridox - Manuscripts of a Servant

Release:Manuscripts of a Servant
Manuscripts of a Servant
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Praimantis Records
Info:The album is released on January 24, 2006.
Guest appearances by Neo, Ril, Setfree and Ernest Daniels, Jr.
Production by Beridox and JMerg.

1. Introduction
2. Live & Direct
3. The Return
4. Holy Manuscripts
5. Christ Is My Life
6. Awesome God
7. The Standard - featuring Neo
8. Master Plan - featuring Neo & RiL
9. As the World Turns
10. Bring the Heat
11. A True Story
12. The Architect
13. My Soul
14. No Toy Soldiers - featuring Setfree
15. Servanthood - featuring Ernest Daniels, Jr.
16. Are You Ready?
17. Breathe and Stop - featuring Neo
18. Relax Your Mind
19. Set It Off! - featuring Ernest Daniels, Jr.
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Original author/source
Review:The emcee known as B.E.R.I.D.O.X. (Bryant Educates Radically Informing Disciples Of the X (- which means unknown, but interpreted here as the Truth)) has been in the game longer then you might think. Appearing at events like Rap Fest (1999, 2000 and 2002 as well as local churches and Christian clubs this emcee has had a lot of experience rocking a crowd. Hailing from Philadelphia he takes his craft serious but makes sure his walk with the Lord is number one.

This is evident in the lyrics he spits over the 19 track album. He doesn't shy away for his relationship with Christ which is the focus of his album. You can tell he has spent years rhyming as he sounds comfortable over the beats that Bryan H. Tabb provides for him. Standout tracks are Live & Direct, Holy Manuscripts, A True Story, My Soul and Set It Off.

Of course there are a couple things that could have been different to make this record even better. I sound like a broken record but making a debut album that is 76 minutes does not work. Beridox is no different as a hand full of tracks could have been left off this album. He is talented emcee but no one is going to notice if they are bored half way through the album. Everything about this album speaks average which is not necessarily a bad thing. The production, lyrics and rhymes style are all good but don't stick out like an Ambassador or Shai Linne would. This is the biggest hindrance to his album; it's good but doesn't do anything to separate itself from other rap records.

I know that last paragraph seems a little harsh but in a flooded market you need to either be different or be so exceptional at your craft you sound above average doing what everyone else is doing. Beridox is a good emcee and Manuscripts of a Servant is a good album but he could have made it a lot better. Next time around I hope to see this emcee either elevate his skills or try something different so when you listen to his album it will stick out from the rest.

For fans of: Cross Movement, Shai Linne, Street Sweepers and The Truth.
source: SSRC/Sphere of Hip-Hop, added: Aug 28, 2008
Review:Manuscripts of a Servant brings lyrics that are raw and uncut over smooth east coast beats. Hailing from Philly, a current Holy Hip Hop hub, artist B.E.R.I.D.O.X (Bryant Educates Radically Informing Disciples Of the X) lets his listeners know from the outset just what the purpose of his album is.

From tracks like Live & Direct to Awesome God, you know B.E.R.I.D.O.X only brings non-stop Holy Hip Hop for your speaker box! His rhymes are on point, spreading that untainted gospel via the microphone. The heart of the messages reach to both Christians and non-Christians alike, and B.E.R.I.D.O.X has a lot of versatility, ranging from slow moving, chilling music to straight head bangers.

From start to finish Manuscripts is Word-orientated music, as B.E.R.I.D.O.X said, the purpose of this LP was not to entertain but minister. It would have been nice if the production were slightly more focused, as although he might have a great many truths to convey, not many non-believers will listen to B.E.R.I.D.O.X if the production is not on par with secular Hip Hop. In light of this, I know for certain that his heart is in the right place and, as God is doing across the whole spectrum of Holy Hip Hop, I know that B.E.R.I.D.O.Xs production can only move forward from here.

Much love,
One - etc.
source: ETC/Urban Rebirth, added: Aug 28, 2008
Review:For some time now, Philadelphia has been considered to be the spot for holy hip-hop artists. When you have names like Cross Movement, Japhia Life, Timothy Brindle, and a number of other emcees, you can't help but to realize that some good evangelistic hip-hop is coming from the city of brotherly love. Well, another emcee that has come onto the scene from Philly is a guy by the name of B.E.R.I.D.O.X., which stands for Bryant Educates Radically Informing Disciples Of the (X - which means unknown, but interpreted here as the Truth). Here is the review for his debut album Manuscripts of a Servant released via Christ Revolution Music Ministries and Praimantis Records.

From the jump, Beridox lets you know that he's going to be coming at you with in your face rhymes that preach Christ with the song "Live & Direct." And from there, Beridox "Bring[s] the Heat" with Biblically inspired tracks such as "Holy Manuscripts," "Christ Is My Life," and "Awesome God." "Holy Manuscripts" is a track that encourages believers to stand up for Christ and begin to walk by the commandments that have been outlined in the Holy Scriptures. This is a cry for living right in the sight of the King, as well as getting people to get into their Word and find out what it has to say. "Christ Is My Life" is a song that tells us just that; here, Beridox lets the world know that everything he is about is Jesus Christ and that when he grabs the mic he's going to preach Christ. "Awesome God" is a fairly laid back track that does none other than give the Lord some praise for being such an awesome God.

It doesn't stop there either because you have tracks like "Master Plan" where Beridox, along with Neo & RiL, discusses how God orchestrated the master plan of sending Jesus Christ down to earth to pay the penalty of our sins. You even get to hear Beridox's testimony with the song "A True Story," where he eloquently lets you know how he eventually came to know the Lord for himself and be the man of God that he is today. After giving a call for being real in this walk and becoming servants with the tracks "No Toy Soldiers" and "Servanthood," Beridox then asks the all important question of "Are You Ready?" Are you ready to lift your hands and serve the Lord?

I have to say that Beridox did his thing on this project. He brought the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ on every track. His rhymes were on point and he was able to spit over some solid east coast beats. If you're looking for more emcees coming out of the city of brotherly love, then Beridox is one of those emcees that you'll want to check out. Philly has holy hip-hop on lock!
source: LaRosa Johnson from Trailblazin' Ministries, added: Aug 28, 2008

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