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Hazakim - Hip-Hologetics

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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Indie (Independant Release)
Info:1. Foreword
2. Old School Preface
3. Hip Hologetics
4. Liar Lunatic Lord or Legend
5. Yeshua
6. I Kefa
7. Surrender
8. Man's Intercessor
9. If The Shoe Fits
10. Let It Be Known
11. A Word NOT from Our Sponsor
12. Only in America
13. Book of Books
14. What's the Problem
15. Baruch Hashem
16. The Final Curtain
17. Repentance
18. Personal Greetings
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Review:Much love to some quality guys who dropped some solid material. I am glad to haev met these guys at a crusade meeting back in college. Solida men of God who not only spit the life of Christ but live it. God Bless.
source: Codename Radius, added: May 02, 2007

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