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Pettidee - Thug Love

Release:Thug Love
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Beatmart Recordings
Info:The album is released on April 4th, 2006.

1. Glide Aside
2. Stepped On (Ice Whites)
3. Don't Stop - featuring Catt Gallop
4. Never Give Up
5. Represent - featuring Duece Poppi
6. Run For Cover - featuring IZ
7. Can't Make It Without You - featuring Antonio Neal
8. Butterflies - featuring Rebecca Covington
9. Huh Man
10. Roll Call - featuring Preacha Boy, Old Head
11. Push - featuring Grits, Verbs, & Babygirl
12. Learn To Let Go - featuring Tami
13. Come Wit' Dat Fire
Rating:Our users rated this release: 8.2 out of 10
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Original author/source
Review:Beatmart Records is doing it big in '06, with a good range of artists, and things just got even better with their first release of Dirty South veteran Pettidee.

This hip hop warrior brings his gritty style to the fore with his stunning Thug Love project, a set full of slowed-down beats, dancehall ditties, hot jam tracks and of course the stories that minister to even the hardest in the hood.

This set is different from what’s gone on before, as Pettidee explains:

“Thug Love is the very first album where I critiqued my lyrics by letting other people analyze them. I was initially offended by outside criticism, but after getting over that the album just began to flow. From that point on I made up my mind that this album was going to be next level. I focused more lyrically, rewrote songs, and nitpicked the beats."

Heads from Houston and elsewhere in the vincinity will love "Stepped On". The beat is slowed down, but the intensity of Pettidee is high octane as he targets his truth-filled flow to those rappers that talk about their cars and killing.

Pettidee was doing crunk music back in the ‘99 when crunk was not popular. Represent" with Duece Poppi, is just one example of how Pettidee gets a crowd hype, crunk style.

Of the dance tracks peppered throughout the album, the funky, "Don't Stop" should generate the most appeal to mainstream radio, as well as with church youth groups. Lisa sings the hook.

GRITS and Verbs guest on the year’s party anthem, “Push High". Even if you are not a dance crazy, this cut is so infectious that with one listen, you will be drawn in. The beauty is how every one of the rappers featured fit their flows together so well.

Pettidee ministers and deals with issues that impact women in particular on "Butterflies". With its signature dancehall thump melding with Middle Eastern synth samples, the song is a gem. The ministry continues with the smooth "Learn to Let Go", in which the gritty emcee raps in a toned down vocal style that fits well with the sincerity and serious nature of his message: letting go of things that can hinder growth in Christ.

Other hot joints on Thug Love are "Come with That Fire" and “Huh Man" —and be sure not to miss Pettidee’s homage to his wife on the sitar-heavy "Can't Make It Without You".

Call Thug Love another hot release by the always-crunk, and always-ministering Pettidee.
source: GospelFlava.com, added: May 14, 2006

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