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Pigeon John - Pigeon John And The Summertime Pool Party

Release:Pigeon John And The Summertime Pool Party
Pigeon John And The Summertime Pool Party
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Media:[Audio CD] [7/12inch Vinyl]
Recordlabel:Quannum Projects
Info:The album is released September 12th, 2006.
Guest appearances and production by J-Live, RJD2, Brother Ali, The Procussions, bTwice, Great Jason, Slim Kid Tre (The Pharcyde), Lyrics Born and JUMBO the Garbageman (Lifesavas).

Production by:
- DNAE: 1, 13
- Great Jason: 3, 12
- Chris James: 4, 15, 16
- Pigeon John: 6, 8
- DJ Rhettmatic: 7
- RJD2: 9
- Buchman & Nick Toth: 10

1. Welcome to the Show
2. Scene 1: "I Thought You Was A G?"
3. Do The Pigeon
4. Higher?!
5. Scene 2 "I Was Just Looking At Her Jeans"
6. Money Back Guarantee
7. Freaks! Freaks! Starring DJ Rhettmatic
8. One For The…(Starring Brother Ali)
9. The Last Sunshine (Starring RJD2 and J-Live)
10. Weight
11. Scene 3 – "A black man on a white horse"
12. As We Know it
13. I Lost My Job Again
14. Scene 4 – "The girls, the fantastic fireworks"
15. Brand New Day
16. Growing Old
Rating:Our users rated this release: 7.5 out of 10
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Review:Pigeon John
…And The Summertime Pool Party
Quannum; 2006

Pigeon John’s …And The Summertime Pool Party, is one of those rare albums that is both hilarious yet creatively innovative at the same time. …And The Summertime Pool Party is just 45 minutes of straight fun and will having you smiling the entire time—either from the humor interlacing the tracks, or from the genius of the tracks themselves. The only way to describe this album is to draw parallels with Danger Doom’s The Mouse and the Mask; however, Pigeon John goes above and beyond by being the genius behind both the mic and the boards.

With guest producers like RJD2, Chris James, DJ Rhettmatic, and Great Jason, Pigeon John outshines them all in terms of production. Each track stays true to the album’s title and creates a “Summertime Pool Party” feel to it—fun, upbeat, and carefree. This carefree atmosphere is immediately set with the first track “Welcome to the Show” and rightfully doesn’t stop until the last track. This fun atmosphere is infectious and holds the entire album together under a cohesive theme and idea, making the entire album one big “pool party” experience. The only drawback in the entire album is the song “Higher?!” which becomes slightly repetitive. However, after this brief plateau, …And The Summertime Pool Party keeps going up and only gets better and better with each additional track.

…And The Summertime Pool Party is a great release from Pigeon John (possibly his best). Pigeon John is able to showcase his abilities as a producer, outshining or at least staying on par with some of the industry’s premier producers. In addition, the work and care put into making and producing …And The Summertime Pool Party shows as the entire experience goes without a hitch. Summer may be nearing the end, but Pigeon John’s “pool party” is just getting started.

4.5 of 5 afros

&8211; Andrew Hsu
source: okayplayer.com, added: Nov 22, 2006

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