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DiRT (Shadow of the Locust) - Freestyles (Shadow of the Locust)

Release:Freestyles (Shadow of the Locust)
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Indie (Independant Release)
Info:After Redclouds' Traveling Circus album release concert in 2003 some MCs came over to see the new homestudio DiRT had built: the 'RedRoom', also known as 'Redrum'. They recorded all these freestyle tracks. All proceeds of this CD went towards the upkeep and ministry efforts of the Redrum.

1. Itz a Setup - featuring DiRT & 7Lock
2. Karma - featuring Red Cloud, DiRT & Sojourn
3. Audio X - featuring DiRT & 7Lock
4. You're a Customer - featuring DiRT
5. Summer Feels Fine - featuring Ahred
6. Microphone Fiend - featuring Sojourn & Ahred
7. Psycho Realm - featuring 7Lock & DiRT
8. Guillotine - featuring 7Lock & DiRT
9. Just Give it to Me Raw - featuring RedCloud
10. Knowledge - featuring Sojourn, Nomadic
11. Dat's Gangsta - featuring Dumbstruck & evolvE
12. Vibes and Stuff - featuring DiRT
13. Guillotine - featuring Othello, Nomadic & Dumbstruck
14. Dart Throwing - featuring DiRT & 7Lock
15. BMS Digital - featuring DiRT, evolvE & 7Lock
16. Puppet Master - featuring Nomadic & Dumbstruck
17. South of the Border - featuring Sojourn & Nomadic
18. Smoke - featuring DiRT & Ahred
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