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DiRT (Shadow of the Locust) - Limited Edition South American Release

Release:Limited Edition South American Release
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Indie (Independant Release)
Info:A collection of DiRT material from the past, present and future (unreleased) compiled as a limited run of only 300 copies and given away during the brief South American tour during the end of 2004.

Song name (Album originally found on)

1. Shanghai Burning - unedited (A War to Restore)
2. Damascus (Symphony of the Spiritual Amnesty)
3. Blunted Edge (A War to Restore)
4. Christ (A War to Restore)
5. Matthew (Fashion Expo compilation)
6. Phat Cat - Radio Remix (unreleased)
7. Depth - featuring 2211 (unreleased)
8. String Theory - featuring 7Lock, evolvE, Man of War (from Man of War's album Love & War )
9. Move Insane (unreleased)
10. Tough Love (unreleased)
11. A Chapter a Day (Plague)
12. Mustard Seed (Plague)
13. Caligraphy - featuring Illustrate (unreleased)
14. We Spin - featuring Man of War, Redcloud (Night Owls compilation)
15. Signs of the Time - featuring the Strength (Diggin' in the Dirt)
16. Holy Burn - featuring GoldenChild (A War to Restore)
17. Good Medison - featuring Remnant, Sons of Intellect (Plague)
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