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Change - Penny for your Thoughts EP

Release:Penny for your Thoughts EP
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Media:[Audio CD] [Digital Download]
Recordlabel:Skripted Sandz Records
Info:The EP is released July 11th, 2006 to help raise funds for Sphereofhiphop.com.
Production by Change, FabDaEclectic, DJ Stibbs, DJ Reyval, Mattman (Scribbling Idiots), Sivion, PacoNaut, Skripted Sandz Productions, BeCon Beats, Operation51 and Boss One.

1. Check One, Two - featuring BC
2. To the Top - featuring Holmskillet, CAS METAH & Shaw Bihl
3. I Gotta - featuring Sivion & Fred B.
4. Follow - featuring Motion+
5. Lonely People - featuring Kaboose & Sundance
6. Great America? - featuring Praverb
7. Real Talk - featuring Big Rec & YSG-Timothy
8. It's Hip-Hop - featuring YSG-Timothy & Beconcious (Bonus Track available on CD only)
Rating:Our users rated this release: 8 out of 10
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Review:Written by LaRosa
Thursday, 05 October 2006

Change & Friends - Penny for Your Thoughts

It's not often that the term hip-hop emcee is synonymous with the word self-less, but this is one of those rare cases. All year long Sphere of Hip-Hop has been running a fundraiser to help cover the costs of running the website that we love so dearly. In an effort to help raise money for the Sphere, an emcee came up with an idea to put together a project out of his own pockets and give Sphere all of the profits. If you don't already know, I'm talking about Change and his Penny for Your Thoughts EP, released exclusively at the Sphere of Hip-Hop Store.

So, what exactly is Penny for Your Thoughts? It's a collaborative effort between Change and several emcees that frequent the Sphere forums and have been blessed by the site over the years. Some of the guests on this project include Motion , Sivion, Freddie Bruno, BeConscious, YSG-Timothy and a few other emcees. This seven song EP (8 if you buy the CD version) features Change on every track alongside a guest emcee or two in true hip-hop boom bap fashion.

The album quickly starts off with the ever appropriate "Check One, Two" featuring BC. This is the quintessential boom bap track where the these emcees get the show started and give love and several shouts to Plastic and the Sphere. It's here that they declare that they made this "just for you," in reference to both Plastic and the hip-hop fans. From this point forward the album continues on without a hitch, offering up boom bap classic hip-hop that any true hip-hop head can appreciate, especially those who call the Sphere of Hip-Hop home (like myself). If I had to pick a handful of my favorites, I would have to say that "I Gotta," "Real Talk" and "Great America?" fit the bill, but at the same time there isn't a single track on this EP that I wasn't nodding my head to.

There are several things that I enjoy about this album. The first thing is hearing Change switch up his style and come with that classic hip-hop sound, which is definitely a change of pace from his Tuesday Mournings album. Secondly, I loved the unity that was on this album; it was really inspiring to see so many emcees come together to help out a fellow brother in Christ, especially when they could have profited from the project. Finally, I love the selflessness of Change and his desire to put this project together to benefit the Sphere of Hip-Hop; I doubt many other emcees would even volunteer to do something like this, but it truly shows that it's really about brotherhood and love at the Sphere, and not just hip-hop (although we all love hip-hop).

As I've already said, Penny for Your Thoghts is a very on point project. From start to finish, I was nodding my head. The only knock that I have on this album would have to be the bonus track "It's Hip-Hop" featuring YSG-Timothy & BeConscious; the mixing was a bit off on this song and I could barely hear Be's verse because of mixing and the guitar riff. Other than that blemish, this is a very solid project. I absolutely urge you to pick up this album, especially if you love the Sphere of Hip-Hop. Every penny of this project goes directly towards helping the Sphere of Hip-Hop stay online so that we can enjoy their services for years to come!

4 of 5 stars

For fans of: Surreal, Braille, Peace 586
source: Sphereofhiphop.com, added: Oct 06, 2006
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