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1773 - 1773

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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Indie (Independant Release)
Info:Track 1. Production by Tony Stone. Cuts by DJ Bombay
Track 2. Production by Ohmega Watts. Cuts by DJ Moral One
Track 3. Production by Tony Stone. Cuts by DJ Bombay
Track 4. Production by Tony Stone. Cuts by DJ Bombay
Track 5. Production by Ill Quality
Track 6. Production by Tony Stone
Track 7. Production by Braille
Track 8. Production by Tony Stone. Cuts by DJ Moral One
Track 9. Production by Tony Stone. Cuts by DJ Spark
Track 10. Production by Ill Quality
Track 11. Production by Tony Stone

1. Too Long
2. Constant Motion
3. Nature's Course
4. Live from Planet Earth - featuring Praverb
5. Sounds of Life
6. Hard 2 Understand - featuring Eileen Torres
7. Scud Missiles
8. Fist to the Ceiling
9. Bronken Star
10. One Day
11. Whatever Me
Rating:Our users rated this release: 5.7 out of 10
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Original author/source
Review:Emcees Just J and Wisdm O.N.E. are 1773, a Chicago-based duo representing more than old school hip-hop (1-773 is also their Chi area code). With tinges of R&B, soul and nods to the ‘Golden Era,’ 1773 goes beyond the stodgy expectations of positive rap. Owing more to ATCQ than Kirk Franklin, the duo never sacrifices dope emceeing for their message to the community.

Rather than concern themselves with rhymes laden with braggadocio and hideous mouthware references, Wisdm O.N.E. and Just J pride themselves on their skills as people in a position to shed light on hip-hop’s dark scene in “Fist to the Ceiling,” calling out their peers speaking “gibberish.” With a strong thread of spirituality running through the album, the group manages to avoid preachiness. Their constant shout-outs to God and living right create a vibe more real than a lot of gangster tales when balanced with down-to-earth hopes and memories (“Sounds of Life”).

The album continues the momentum as the second half begins, displaying more colors from thought-provoking churners as “Hard 2 Understand” to spitfire flows on “Scud Missiles.” Instead of losing steam, 1773 lays the foundation for where the group is coming from and raises the stakes with each track. “Broken Star” proves to be one too many hip-hop ballads for the project and one of the least interesting tracks production-wise, but with so much quality material around it, you can forgive one misstep. While not sporting any groundbreaking techniques or subject matter, 1773 is solid throughout, putting fresh soil on the well-tread paths.

3.5 of 5 afros

– Candace L.
source: okayplayer.com, added: Oct 10, 2006

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