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Urban Disciple - Un.orthodox : Church.Hip-Hop.Culture (CD/DVD)

Release:Un.orthodox : Church.Hip-Hop.Culture (CD/DVD)
Un.orthodox : Church.Hip-Hop.Culture (CD/DVD)
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Media:[Audio CD] [Video (DVD)]
Recordlabel:Fla.vor Alliance
Info:The album is released on May 8th, 2007.

Enhanced CD
The CD is also enhanced and includes Urban D.'s other 4 music videos featuring KJ-52, Sup The Chemist, and Corey Red and Precise. There is also an updated tour on Crossover's campus.

The DVD is a full length documentary on the Un.orthodox Story of Crossover Church along with Urban D.'s music video Un.orthodox.

Tracklisting CD:
1. Unorthodox
2. Appreciate - featuring Surreal & DJ D.Vize
3. Church - featuring The Fla.vor Alliance
4. Home - featuring Bobby Tinsley
5. Okay
6. Culture - featuring Los-1 & Rawsrvnt
7. Temptation - featuring Demetrus
8. Hustle - featuring Jabo & Spe
9. Hip-Hop - featuring DJ D.Vize & Reflex The Son
10. Peter
11. Purpose - featuring Harmony
12. Sorry
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Review:I've had the pleasure and honor of meeting Urban D (Tommy) and I must say I don't remember the last time I met someone that radiated Jesus from within more than him. He truly is an inspiration and role model for the hip hop generation. I recommend if you are ever in Tampa, FL, you must visit the church he pastors. Definitely one of the coolest churches I've ever been to.
As for his music, top notch, no doubt. Up there with Cross Movement .
source: Daniel P., added: Oct 07, 2006

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