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Listener - Not Waving, Drowning (Book & CD)

Release:Not Waving, Drowning (Book & CD)
Not Waving, Drowning (Book & CD)
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Media:[Audio CD] [Book]
Recordlabel:Talk Music Records
Info:The album is released on March 26th, 2009.
The poetry album includes a booklet with the 13 poems. The recording contains spoken word with no instrumentation.

1. You have never lived because you have never died
2. Falling in love with glaciers
3. Seat belt hands
4. Failing is not just for failures
5. You were a house on fire
6. Save up your hopes friends
7. Maybe we are all beautiful
8. I'd like to offer you my dearest apologies
9. Death by shotgun
10. Put another rock in my hand
11. Stick this in your ear
12. The music that the angels do
13. This is it
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