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Lesun - Lesun presents : The Message Volume 3 : Billions And Billions Of Souls Served

Release:Lesun presents : The Message Volume 3 : Billions And Billions Of Souls Served
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Indie (Independant Release)
Info:The album is released on September 1st, 2006.

1. Warning Intro
2. CNT Break Us - Jei-R, K-Drama, Roman Parable, Lesun
3. The Only One - Jey-9, Jay Tha Kid, Dre Blezzid
4. DNT Speak - J-Reign, Jei-R, Roman Parable, Eckspress
5. Stand Up! - Simple Faith
6. SERVN skit 1
7. Amber Alert - Roman Parable, Lesun, Chozen, Soula-K, Deacon DAS, J-Reign
8. She Likes To Party - Bracey, Lesun, J-Reign, Dre Blezzid
9. What God? Remix - Big Steve featuring J-Reign, D-Maub, Ebony
10. SERVN skit 2
11. Tipmove - Homaje, Deacon DAS, Excelsius
12. Poet 27
13. Point? - Chozen, K-Drama, Bracey, Lesun
14. They DNT Know - Bracey, Candace, MC Till
15. Message Rap - Chozen, Deacon DAS, Bigg City
16. Misunderstood Remix - J-Reign featuring Phayth the Wordsmith, Homaje, Lesun, MC Till
17. Have You Had Your Break Today?
18. Big Talk - D-Maub, Chozen, Lesun, Jey-9
19. National Anthem - skit
20. Monday Night Football - Dre Blezzid, J-Reign, Chozen, Jey-9, K-Drama, Homaje, Jay Tha Kid, Phayth the Wordsmith, Bracey, Jei-R, J-Why?
21. I Feel (bonus track) - Amill featuring Lesun
22. The Kiss Factor - Sneak Preview
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