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Mista & Mrs. Taylor - Love Joy & Pain

Release:Love Joy & Pain
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:4th Man Records
Info:1. Sunny Days
2. Beautiful
3. Ain't Going Back
4. Keep Your Head Up
5. More to Life
6. Ride
7. Love Thang
8. One Day
9. Remember Dem Days
10. Get Your Hands Up!
11. Why Do I Do?
12. Poppin Lids
13. Bow Down
14. It's Not Easy
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Review:i love this cd!!! poppin lids and get your hands up are my 2 favorites. mista and mrs taylor are awesome ppl who are really going after God. I cant wait til their next cd comes out, cuz the last 2 rocked!!!!
source: colleen, added: Jul 13, 2006

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