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Chase Flow - Reality Rap Volume 1 : Mixed and hosted by DJ Sean Blu

Release:Reality Rap Volume 1 : Mixed and hosted by DJ Sean Blu
Reality Rap Volume 1  : Mixed and hosted by DJ Sean Blu
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Indie (Independant Release)
Info:The album is a slimline CD-ROM packaging and contains non-mastered sound quality music.
Production by DJ Arkitek, Deepsix, Ohmega Watts, Nickels, MG The Visionary, Kiv and DJ Evil One.
Guest appearances by Braille, Nickels, DJ Because, Ohmega Watts, MG The Visionary, Shizz Bradley, Japhia Life, Bash, Ryan R Star, Rob Hodge, T.K and others.

1. Sean Blu Intro
2. Introducing Chase Flow
3. Wit Me
4. New Love
5. Sean Blu Plug
6. How I Came Back
7. World Tour Freestyle
8. Made You Look (raw & uncut)
9. Rob Hodge Plug
10. Reality Rap Interlude
11. No Diamonds On My Neck
12. DJ Sean Blu / Bring Em' Out
13. Rob Hodge from The Blu Room
14. TK Drop
15. The Breakout
16. DJ Sean Blu Plug
17. On The Corner
18. Something For The Ladies
19. Keep On Pushin'
20. Sean Blu Drop
21. For Ms. Tucker
22. They Lovin' Us Now
23. Two Words (snippet)
24. No Gold Digga
25. DJ Sean Blu Drop / Got The City Behind Them
26. Dreams
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