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Cy - Circus World Event : The Ring Leader

Release:Circus World Event : The Ring Leader
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Media:[Audio CD] [Digital Download]
Recordlabel:XDC reCORDz / Complex Melodies / Much Luvv Records
Info:The album is released on May 12th, 2008.
The album is re-released on July 14th, 2009 through Infinity Music Distribution.
Production by Tony Stone, CY, 4 Sight Sounds, Big Toe, English, and Phillip Moore.
Mixing, mastering and engineering by Phillip Moore.

1. Welcome To The Show
2. Circus Tour - featuring J-Silas & R-Swift
3. Stand Up
4. The Ringleader
5. Back Home - featuring Enock
6. Been There Done That
7. Trapeze (Interlude)
8. The Flip Side Trapeze (Last First Event)
9. Eternal Ferris Wheel - featuring Mark J & Sean Slaughter
10. Whatcha Step - featuring Pettidee & Gina Gross
11. The Parable (The Story of Dre Randolph)
12. Take A Look
13. Heat
14. Struggle - featuring Gina Gross
15. ShowTime - featuring Tre-9, ColCutz, SOM, ICECE & Mark J
16. Outro
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Review:This album is a BANGER! Out the box, you get originality, creativity, tight hooks, harmony and unmistakable beats and flows. Please, please don't sleep on it. Cy, keep it comin'. Heads will see the light at the end of the tunnel.
source: Greg Adams, added: May 01, 2009

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