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Rep, The - Street Prophecy

Release:Street Prophecy
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Soul Flava Musik
Info:Production by
- Lil' Man : 1, 7
- Mustafa : 2, 5, 8-15
- Planet X Entertainment : 3, 4, 6, 16

1. 1 To Da 2 - featuring Susie
2. This Goes Out - featuring Legacy & Susie
3. There U Go
4. Only The Strong Survive
5. Street Prophecy
6. What In The World - featuring Susie
7. Interlude (Represent)
8. Musik
9. The Rep
10. Stories Pt. II
11. Sick Of It
12. Life
13. Wannabe Thugs
14. Proverbs
15. Testimonies - featuring Legacy
16. Imagine That
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Original author/source
Review:This album rocks...totally 5 mic's....lyrics are tight...production is off the hook...the Rep is definitely a spirit filled lyricist.
source: DEe, added: Jul 25, 2007
Review:When I originally received this C.D., he himself gave it to me on june 19, 2006 in the parking lot of Burlington Coat Factory across from Metro Mall. I was sitting in my car which was a blue-purple impala. You and your wifey-baby mom, and ask if I had a CD player, gave me that CD. I have played it til it won't play amymore. And mind you my man that I still have when you gave me that CD was raised a Jehovah's Witness not practicing, but have his beliefs. He played the CD just as much and I cannot wait to replace the CD. Thank you, listenening to you sometimes help me make it through a lot of my days. Thank you.
source: Chasity L. belt, added: Dec 15, 2009

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