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D-MAUB - Tymeline

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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:One Route Entertainment
Info:Production by Pricele$$, except tracks 2, 14 by M.R.M. and Pricele$$.
Executive production by Donny Harper.
All songs arranged, mixed and mastered F.I.C. Studio.

Guitar by
- Micah: 1, 4, 14

Bass guitar by
- Rick Chapman: 1

- Klassy K: 1
- Ruffhanz: 4

1. G.A.N.G.S.T.A. - featuring Will H., Ciara H, Jasmin H.
2. Everywhere I Go - featuring Ruffhanz
3. Christ like
4. A.K.A. (Young Cut-t)
5. Imma Ridah - featuring L.G. Wise & Future
6. Selah - featuring Jasmin H.
7. Young Cut-t (the definition)
8. No Shame
9. Pain
10. Nuff Said (performed by Nuff Said)
11. Don't Talk Me
12. Enemies - featuring V-N.I.C.E., Theory Hazit, Lesun, Eckspress
13. That's Real
14. Virtuous Woman
15. Keep Shinin' - featuring Will H.
16. Negative Talk - featuring Laz, AMILL, mTribs, k-Drama,Soldier K, & Ciara H
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