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Zane One - LA Woman

Release:LA Woman
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Info:The album is released on March 10th, 2009.
The track "Almost Cut My Hair" did not make it to the final album, due to sample clearance issues. But may come out on a promotional only AudioSketchBook release.

1. Nostalgia part 1
2. Give Mamma A Kiss - featuring Propaganda
3. Kingdom - featuring Raphi aka Big Shame
4. Heading Back
5. Again and Again
6. Plan B: I donít ever make a plan - featuring Carlos Romo
7. Throw Down - featuring Raphi aka Big Shame
8. Tell Me Why - featuring Propaganda
9. Not Anymore - featuring Dax of LPG
10. Los Angeleez
11. Donít Let Your Daughters
12. Zane One
13. Nostalgia part 2
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Original author/source
Review:so although it's not the FINAL cd, i did get a listen zane's new music... and it sounds NiCE!!! (no real surprise for zane fans).
like a diamond, having many facets, she shows them all on her tracks. from reggae influenced "kingdom" to bass heavy apocalyptic "nostalgia" and all my other favourite joints in between, zane's "l.a. woman" cd will definitely change non-believers perception of what hip hop is suppossed to sound like.

there will be a hip hop revival, there will be converts, and those that have grown apart from hip hop because of today's mediocre-million-dollar-backed-crap will fall in love again with the goodness that is "l.a. woman"

don't let the pretty face fool you.
she spits fire.
and that's the way it is.

source: dert gave \'em to me, added: Mar 06, 2007

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