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Brother IG - Soul Searching (CD/DVD)

Release:Soul Searching (CD/DVD)
Soul Searching (CD/DVD)
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Media:[Audio CD] [Video (DVD)]
Recordlabel:Broken Chain Records
Info:The CD includes a DVD with music videos, concert footage and interviews. It is re-released by Groovesound Records/Broken Chains Records through Infinity Music Distribution on June 17th, 2008.

1. Walk With Me
2. All In
3. Lay It Down
4. For the Children
5. The Shine
6. From Above
7. Homies Prayer
8. Time Will Tell
9. Rhyme Collage 2
10. Soul Searching
11. Letters
12. Momma Don't Cry
13. Drank,dank & Crank
14. I Never
15. Homies Prayer/San Jo,san Jo
16. Long Time Coming
17. Exodus
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