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GODsent - Isaiah 55

Release:Isaiah 55
Isaiah 55
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:All4Souls Music
Info:The album is released on May 11th, 2007.

1. Isaiah 55
2. Long Way Home - featuring Abstract
3. Soul Fever
4. The Truth
5. New Found Joy
6. Anthem - featuring Chozen
7. Rock of Ages - featuring Glenda Lopez
8. Hip Hop Exposed - featuring L.O.S, Vision
9. Time Is Now - featuring Abstract, God's Servant
10. Psalm 18
11. Please You - featuring Psalmizt
12. Corrupted Ministry - featuring Prodigal, Jay the Nomad,
13. Righteous Living- featuring Glenda Lopez, Psalmizt
14. The Cypher- featuring Abstract, Witness, Chozen, Child
Prodigy, Jay the Nomad
15. Parable
16. What Are You Following?
17. God-Sent me
18. Rainy Days
19. Come Back Home
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Review:This album exposes the truth about a lot of things in the current times we are living in. From the church, streets, and hip hop culture this album hits all areas. This album is definitely a breathe of fresh air.
source: anonymous, added: Jul 16, 2007

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