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Chase Flow - Devil in the Hole : Volume 1

Release:Devil in the Hole : Volume 1
Devil in the Hole : Volume 1
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Media:[Audio CD] [Digital Download]
Recordlabel:Indie (Independant Release)
Info:The album is released on July 10th, 2007.

Producion by:
- Ryan R Star: 4, 10
- Hot Handz: 5
- Urbannoize: 6
Executive production by Ryan R Star
Mixed and mastered by Ryan R Star for Headstrong Studios in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

1. Devil in the hole Intro
2. Before we get started freestyle
3. Heaven only knows - featuring Ryan R Star
4. Turn up ya radio
5. Chill
6. Closer Walk
7. Thin line
8. R.Star Drop
9. They don't see it
10. It's like that
11. BB Jay Drop
12. True kings Freestyle - featuring Shizz Bradley & BB Jay
13. Girls - featuring Ryan R Star
14. Where you at? (I'm still looking)
15. Out the hood - featuring Shizz Bradley
16. Listen to me
17. Take as I am freestyle
18. Shoutro
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