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Omega - Project Omega, the EP (EP)

Release:Project Omega, the EP (EP)
Project Omega, the EP (EP)
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Media:[Audio CD]
Released:1997 [ Listen to HHH from this era on Spotify ]
Info:Rappers : M.G. and Smoke Jumpa.
Production by M.G. and DJ. Nikel. Also Shine, Chunksta, IllTrippOne, CYBORG (Shine's brother) and the Deadbeats.

1. Intro
2. What's his name?
3. The Chalk Speaks
4. Label me...
5. Let's get it on
6. Outro
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Review:M.G. and Smoke Jumpa rhymin', production is done by M.G. and D.j. Nikel. Shine, Chunksta, IllTrippOne, CYBORG, Shine's brotha, and the Deadbeats all did production on the album.
Order: Trigland Productions
491 Baltimore Pike #662
Springfield, PA 19064
source: unknown, added: Feb 24, 2005
source: -1', added: Mar 30, 2015

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