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Pride, The - About our Father's Business

Release:About our Father's Business
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Review:"We are a Gospel Hip-Hop family teaching the nations, baptizing, in the name of the Father, The Son, and the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things whatsoever He has commanded. We have compiled this biography in an effort to chronicle our ministry and thereby illustrate its place as a necessity in the Family of God .and the market of Christian music.For those that may not be familiar with Hip-Hop culture, it is a lifestyle representitive of urban America, encompassing all aspects of life from music, dance, art, clothing, to speech and spirit. And while we do not claim these as our natural roots, we must give credit to the condition and environment from which our style of music was generated. The music that we do, while characteristic of mainstream, general market Hip-Hop music (rap), is actually unique in a number of ways. Our music is grounded in the Word and motivated by the Spirit. We rap for the edification of the Church and the Glory of God. Our lyrics represent a perspective that does not appeal to a particular culture, race, or religion, but rather to any heart that belongs to or is searching for God. Our ministry combines pure Hip-Hop tendencies with the saving knoweledge of the Gospel of Jesus Christ."
source: Godz House of Hip Hop, added: Feb 25, 2005
Review:Well-orchestrated verbs & nouns script the gospel-centered drama of 2 undaground mc's, Soul Heir & SonKissed. About our Father's Business is filled with critically scriptural issues & complex word configurations, giving hip-hop hedz a disc of thought-provoking & soul convicting lyrics.
source: Christsyde, added: Feb 25, 2005

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