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DocWatson - Click Rightous : The Beginning of a Movement

Release:Click Rightous : The Beginning of a Movement
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Christ Like Entertainment
Info:The album is originally released on October 15th, 2006 and re-released on August 1st, 2007 with new artwork.
All production by DocWatson.

1. The Beginning of a Movement - Midnyte Sun, Doc Watson
2. The Christ Effect - Brothatone, DocWatson
3. Look At Me Now - Mr. Freeze, Brothatone, Andale, Doc Watson
4. Live Interview With Goonz Radio - DocWatson
5. Once Again - Kingston, DocWatson
6. Somebody Love You - Oldhead, DocWatson
7. Devil Is Dope - Doc Watson, Midnyte Sun
8. Hard Out Here - Brothatone, Kingston, Mr. Freeze, DocWatson
9. See What I See - Kingston, Kt, DocWatson
10. Smile - Andale, DocWatson
11. Just Our Thoughts - Oldhead, Kingston, Andale, DocWatson
12. Run At the Mouth - Brothatone, Mr. Freeze, Kingston, DocWatson
13. Live With Abdulla Akbar Bin Sultan - DocWatson
14. Controlling My Anger - Mr. Freeze, DocWatson
15. On My Way - Mr. Freeze, Beckah, DocWatson
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