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Pottie Skippen - The Ballad of Pete Rose

Release:The Ballad of Pete Rose
The Ballad of Pete Rose
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Indie (Independant Release)
Info:The album is released in October 2006.

. Welcome To Pottie Skippen (Intro)
2. Get Up
3. Insignificant Like Nickels And Dimes
4. 40 Lashes (Poetic Interlude)
5. Darkworld
6. Three Amigos
7. Sogima! (The End Of The World)
8. Get Up (Reprise)
9. Do The Rumpelstiltskin
10. Rock With The Rhythm
11. Station Identification (Interlude)
12. The Last Night You Will Ever Hear My Melodious Voice
13. Get Down, Ronald Reagan
14. The Mission!
15. Get Up (Roses Interlude)
16. Pteradactyl
17. The Tyson Left (or How America Gained It's Indepence)
18. Altar Call (Interlude)
19. Project Stank
20. High, How Are You?
21. Jupiter
22. Welcome Back, Amelia Earhart
33. Get Up (Mr. Roboto Remix)
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