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Midnyte Sun - Truth Behind It All : Jesus, Sex and Music (CD/DVD)

Release:Truth Behind It All : Jesus, Sex and Music (CD/DVD)
Truth Behind It All : Jesus, Sex and Music (CD/DVD)
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Media:[Audio CD] [Video (DVD)]
Recordlabel:PT Records
Info:The CD/DVD is released on October 27th, 2007.
The DVD contains 1 hour and 18 minutes of 21 artists from around Nashville plus more. Exclusive interviews and freestyles from artists like Knowdaverbs, Pettidee, MOC and more.

1. Intro
2. Why I Do - featuring Joint Hires
3. You Don't Wanna Know
4. Talking Bout Nothin - featuring Adige
5. Bicycle Song - featuring U.C
6. O.H. Call
7. But We Get Up (Classic Freestyle)
8. Did You Hear
9. Echo - featuring Prince
10. TV Clip (Why Not)
11. Still Fly
12. Bicycle Remix - featuring OldHead, UC, Jacob IZ, Tdogg
13. E.T. on P.T.
14. Going To Party
15. Accapela (Jesus, Sex and Music)
16. Some Day
17. More More Like Christ
18. Come Home
19. Thank You Jesus
20. Bike Chop & Screw
Rating:Our users rated this release: 6 out of 10
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Review:Thua Ong Thanh Ong = Rong Xanh , toi da noi nhieu lan tren Dien Dan hay con goi la Bao Mang nay hay bao nao cung the, TOI CHI CHUI BOI NHUNG THANG TU HANH lay vai che che MAT THANH lam hai Dao Doi, Chu TOI KHONG DEM TROI , PHAT toi CHE BAN vi hai Vi nay la nhung Bat Hien Thanh day doi lam Viec Then, day loai nguoi phai Thuc Tam, con Nhung Thang TU HANH mang Danh nghia The Thien Hanh Dao ma trong long toan thu dao gam, chi biet lam loi cho Ban Than , Giong Ho , hay Dang Phai cua minh .Ve Phat Giao thi co Su VC , ve phia Cong Giao Thi co CONG GIAO Cong, CAO MINH DUNG la cai thang ma Toa Thanh goi labang DUC ONG lam VC nam vung tai Toa Thanh co dung khong , Toi khong phai Hon Lao voi nhung vi Chan Tu Chan Chinh biet bo minh cuu Nhan Do Doi . chi mot vai thang dau Cao Troc loc nhu Dau Con C va nhung con Diem Cao Dau nhu L..khong Long lay vai the che mat thanh nup duoi bong Phat Dai , lam Kinh Tai Gian Diep de giet hai Nhan Dan VN, con nhung thang VAN MUC GO MUC va nhung thang ma o Toa Thanh goi Toi bang DUC ONG la loai SAU BO lut nhut trong toa Thanh lam Gian Diep Duc Khoet Giao Dan noi rieng va Nhan Dan VN noi chung . de hma hai Loai nguoi noi chung va con Chien ke ca Nhan Dan VN noi Rieng co dung khong Ong Thanh Long . hay nghe Ta noi Toi The voi Troi Phat Toi khong chui Boi TROI DAT , PHAT THAY, toi chi noi su that theo mieng Nhan Gian ,Thoi DE NHAT va DE NHI CH ai lam sup do MNVN de roi dua Nhan Dan MNVN vao con duong doi kho va ngheo doi ngay nay . ? xin Thanh Long va ROM chi giao . Theo Troi , Theo Phat khong co nghia la theo suc sanh ke Tu Hanh
source: Lucas, added: Oct 29, 2015

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