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SFC - Listen up

Release:Listen up
Listen up
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Broken Records
Info:Produced, written and arranged by Super C, Brother G, SFC for G-Force Productions.
Additional arrangements and production Listen Up and No Stoppin' by the Dynamic Twins.
Engineering by Jimmy Robinson.
Recorded at Hot Tracks, Pomona, California.
Mixed by Ojo Taylor and Super C.
Dat engineer Barry Hill and second engineer Scott Macklin.
Mixed at Whitefield Studios, Santa Ana, California.
Design by Brainstorm.
Art direction, lay out photography by Bruce Heavin.

All tracks - Keyboards, scratches, raps & beats by Super C, except:
Track 6 - Keyboards by Jimmy Robinson. Lead guitar by Sean Silas & Jimmy Robinson. Bass guitar by Paul Valadez.
Background vocals by Marcos Lemone, Dynamic Twins, Everlasting Joy, MC Peace and DJ Dove. Singer on slow jam by Chris Rodriguez (Unity III)

1. Listen up
2. Drugs
3. No stoppin'
4. Say ya
5. Transformed
6. You are worthy
7. Dope dealer
8. It's like that
9. Mr. Brain
10. This is what he went thru
11. Plain and simple
12. Brothers and sisters
13. Fully armed
14. I don't know
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