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DAVID 2.0 - RED 4:12 : The Anti-Virus

Release:RED 4:12 : The Anti-Virus
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Media:[Audio CD] [Digital Download]
Recordlabel:KMG/Nureau Ink
Info:The album is released on April 12th, 2008.

1. The Upgrade
2. R.E.D. Introlude (Firestorm)
3. Chronicles of a Time Traveler
4. 2040 AE: Ode 2 Nureau
5. Time
6. 2 The West (Seymour's Azusa Story) - featuring Omega
7. The Freedom Fighter
8. Tumblin' Down
9. Observant
10. Stormy Weather
11. iPray
12. Sonrise, Sunset - featuring Moufpeace
13. I AM Legend
14. Enlisted (Worship Is Warfare)
15. The Blunt Edge (Anti-Virus)
16. Got Me Twisted
17. Elephant In The Pew
18. See Saw XXX - featuring Law
19. Stay 2nd Outrolude
20. Tumblin' Down (Acapella)
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Original author/source
Review:I listened to the CD and it was very energetic!

Personally my favorite song with a feature he has on the CD is See Saw.....why? Go buy the CD and find out! But just for clarity sake (a snippet of clarity) the song is about overcoming struggles of Pornography...The song admonsihes to turn overcome the struggle but yet it exhorts ALL TO TURN TO GOD even with the struggle (could I say Virus of Porn?)

For those who are lyrical....this may really provoke you to re-playing the songs over and over again!

The CD is so full of vision you can watch it...

Go check out his myspace page...In fact go get the album...


source: MANUAIM...., added: Jun 23, 2008

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