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T-Bone - Tha Hoodlum's Testimony

Release:Tha Hoodlum's Testimony
Tha Hoodlum's Testimony
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Recordlabel:Metro One
Info:1. The hoodlum's intro
2. Straighten it out
3. Demon executor
4. Hurt & pain
5. 09/19/94
6. Tomorrow's not promised
7. Police call
8. Keep on praisin'
9. Playa haters - interlude
10. Kill tha lies
11. Puttin' it down
12. Mi familia
13. Growin' up
14. Flock together
15. Ministry vs industry
16. Organized rhyme
Rating:Our users rated this release: 8 out of 10
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Original author/source
Review:T Bone comes with a new style, letting the world know how some gospel rappers are not lifting up jesus anymore. T Bone really takes to heart how he was talked about and back stabbed by so called christians and friends in the music inderstry. Gospel rap used to be about soul saving, but just like all areas of christain music some people have gotten into it for fame and money, forgetting about JESUS.

A Nice Addition To Your Collection
source: Fatz Home Page, added: Jul 24, 2005
Review:Tha Redeemed Hooldum's third album is sure to get headz talkin. This album reflects T-Bone's growth as a lyricist and Chase's growth as a producer. Every beat is nothin but tight. Now there's something you don't find on the average Christian rap album. The first cut "Straighten It Out" is a third yet still distinct and moving call for peace in the streets like its predecessors "Too Many Pleitos" and "Divided We Fall." Songs like "Ministry vs. Industry" and "Demon Excecutor" are gonna force dat head to bob. "Puttin It Down" and "Kill tha Lies" are surely gonna get the dance floors everywhere hoppin. Bone's new crew, Organized Rhyme, shine on the last jam named after his new found hip hop family. However, to his tighter beats and new level of skills there is a down side. First of all, he still bitin. I thought he had finally gotten away from that on "Tha Life of a Hoodlum" (a very tight album I might add). He's gone from a Cypress Hill/Das Efx flow to Snoop/Tupac. Now all us holy hip hoppers know that Bone's skill are superior to those of the forementioned MC's and that he dosen't not need to lower himself to the level of biting again that a number of Christian rappers have been known for. Secondly, and most importantly, that beef between T-Bone and LPG is still alive and well. After hearing the album the listener may wonder if it is dedicated to dissin' the Tunnel Rat Family. Check the songs "Kill tha Lies", "Puttin It Down", and "Organized Rhyme", among others and you'll see what I mean. And after hearing statements like "I got this industry locked down" or "while I'm tourin' on my bus they steady tourin' on a greyhound" or "I beat MC's like Cain did to Abel", one may even wonder if T has lost his focus concerning ministry and has gotten on a power trip. Nothin' wrong with battlin', but if it's only for the purpose of tearin down the family of God, I ain't wit it. All in all the album was tight. It's a must have for 1997 (if you can endure the beef and the bitin).

**** four stars out of five brought to you in love by VANDAL
source: God\'s House of Hip Hop, added: Feb 24, 2005
Review:Zijn 3e CD alweer, maar nog steeds is hij niet van de hoodlum in zijn titel af. Wederom een perfect geproduceerd product. Toch vind ik de titel niet echt slaan op zijn CD want zijn raps zijn vrij controversieel. Hij heeft gezorgd voor backup en richtte de Organized Rhyme Crew op. Zijn beats zijn vet en texten confronterend als altijd.
source: Samma Nieuws, Juni 1997, added: Feb 24, 2005
Review:Actually his best work. Every track is worth listening too. Truely inspirtionaly. I had the cd when it was released and wish I took better care of it. It help keep the preasure of my peers off of me during high school. Five out of Five stars.
source: tae brown, added: Nov 23, 2009

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