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K-Drama - BoomBaptism

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Media:[Audio CD] [Digital Download]
Recordlabel:T.H.I.S. Click Records
Info:The album is released on December 9th, 2008.
Production by K-Drama, Theory Hazit, Tony Stone, Cephas, Psalmizt, Marv and Clergy Productions.

1. The Inevitable
2. On the High (The Yodel Song) - featuring D-MAUB & Street Pastor
3. Act Out the King
4. BoomBaptism
5. Ambulance
6. Let Go - featuring Bracey, Dre Murray, Jacob Izrael & R-Swift
7. Tear the Walls Down
8. Full Time
9. We Still Standing
10. Praise the Lord
11. Flying Away
12. I'm So Married
13. Air Jordan
14. UsAWhat? - featuring Remy & Tri-Blessed
15. I Anticipate Tomorrow
16. Hindsight - featuring Charde Jones
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