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Listener - Train Songs (EP)

Release:Train Songs (EP)
Train Songs (EP)
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Talk Music Records
Info:The EP is released on March 26th, 2009.
The recording of the Listener Project celebrates the 5th year anniversary of the "Train Song". The EP features 5 versions of the song and a music video.
Extras: video, live video, lyrics, original sampley song by Luxor Star.

1. Train Song (Fienix)
2. Train Song (Live)
3. Train Song (Dust)
4. Train Song (Spoken)
5. Train Song (Original)
Rating:Our users rated this release: 7 out of 10
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Review:Biết bao xứ bị Phe1p cai trị nhưng họ đe2u cf3 the8m khe1ng chiến chống Phe1p ngu xuẫn như bọn thằng Hồ Ched Minh đe2u. Người Phi Che2u da đen xứ Haiti cũng bị bọn Phe1p cai trị, Tuy xem le0 vậy me0 họ thf4ng minh hơn xa bọn thằng Hồ Ched Minh ve0 bọn csvn. Họ chẳng hề khe1ng chiến chống Phe1p le0m gec, nhưng tự nhiean họ lại được Phe1p cho tự do cf2n trước Việt Nam xa. Vậy chẳng phải MỌI Phi Che2u (kỳ thị chũng tộc đấy nhe9! hehehe) cũng thf4ng minh hơn cả bọn csvn xa lắc ted te8 hay sao?Vec thế, bọn thằng Hồ Ched Minh ve0 bọn ce1n bộ đảng csvn le0 đỉnh cao của tred tệ he he he
source: Silke, added: Oct 07, 2015
Review:Hi Bolsavik and everyone,For more iomnrfation to make you believe that I know about Y Sa's family more, I just share this:From the very first days of the beginning of VNCR, at that time, they still were on Acacia Pkwy, near Main St in Garden Grove (not on Moran St, Westminster as currently), they started with four main people on air every day, that were Mr. Le Dinh Dieu, Hoang Trong Thuy, Le Dinh Y Sa, and Hong Nga. Besides, there were Phan My Suong who's an accountant and some other supporting people as Nguyen Truong, Ngoc Chieu, Today, Mr. Le Dinh Dieu (the person I have always respected and admired) does not exist anymore. He's gone but not forgotten. (Sometimes, I wonder what will he think about his daughter now if he's still here.) Hoang Trong Thuy's still with VNCR. Hong Nga, Phan My Suong, and Nguyen Truong went to VOCR broadcasts on every Sunday.Mr. Le Dinh Dieu has one son and one daughter.The son is Le Dinh Nhat Lang currently works for Nguoi Viet. His wife is Truc Linh (not the singer Truc Linh) worked for VNCR short time before quitting to work part-time for Nguoi Viet and Bank of America.The daughter, Le Dinh Y Sa (the lady with the charming voice can easily take away your heart), came to USA from France, and graduated from USC. Besides working at VAALA and sometimes contributing on VNCR as Vong Chan Troi Nghe Thuat and Chung Ta Di Mang Theo Que Huong , her main career is Pharmacist.To be honest, at the old days, I only knew the above people ; never heard anything about you, Vu Quy Hao Nhien, aka The Bolsavik. Then, suddenly, Y Sa got married with you, the lucky guy!The Chinese/Viet New Year is coming, I wish both of you the best!(Of course, best wishes to everyone's reading this website too!)
source: Love, added: Oct 29, 2015

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