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Custodians, The - Colloquial

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Media:[Audio CD] [Digital Download]
Recordlabel:Zang Productions
Info:The album is released on July 13th, 2005.
Production or appearances by DJ Cro, Michael Stork, DJ Dust, Ross Spencer, Papa November and others.

1. Liquid Gold
2. Summon Scapegoat
3. Ear
4. Zombie Folk
5. Box Office Poison
6. Just Right of the First Pin
7. Somber Tongue
8. Failure
9. Blue Rhubarb
10. Dark Night of the Soul
11. The Hunger Artist
12. Rethink Everything
13. Pigeonhole-XXL
14. Friday Night
15. Disheveler
16. The Other Half
17. Ex-Golf Pro
18. The 73
19. Robot + Shadow [version 2]
20. Proper Diners and Good Grammar
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