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Passie Posse - Terug

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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:TRiPLE B. Records
Info:Passie Posse's second album features a lot of guest-apearances.

Recorded at the Triple-B Studio in Leiden, The Netherlands.

All mixing and mastering by BusyR.

The cover-art was actually painted on a wall in Amsterdam, NL using spraypaint by BusyR & Stonie B (of da Big Busy Boyz-crew)

01. Intro
02. Welkom feat. HetKanOokAnders
03. Ieder Heeft Iets
04. Echt
05. Time (skit #1)
06. Openbaring
07. Gedreven (skit #2) feat. HetKanOokAnders
08. Groot feat. HetKanOokAnders & Elijah E-tje
09. Geen blad voor m'n mond feat. MoR-NL
10. 316 (skit #3)
11. Samen (collab) feat. Friends (Jezzy, Ghost, Sense, HetKanOokAnders, Tiewrap & Key)
12. 1 (skit #4) feat. Sense
13. Terug feat. Khalid
14. Maranatha feat. Khalid
15. Geloof, Hoop, Liefde
16. Het begin en het einde
17. Trapped (metal-mix) feat. Jon Sweany & MoR-NL
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