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DJ Allstar - Mixtape Volume I

Release:Mixtape Volume I
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Info:Vinyl record.

Side 1
1. KRS-One - Step into a world
2. Atmosphere - Multiples
3. Co-Flow - Johnny Rookie Card (instrumental)
4. Mos Def - Universal magnetic
5. Tame One & El the Sensei - Haagen daaz
6. Heiro - The Who
7. Shabaam Sideeq - Soundclash
8. Brick City Kids (artifacts) - Brick city kids
9. Get Open - Here and now
10. L. Fudge featuring Mike Zoot Kweli, Shabaam, Eminem - What if
11. Aceyalone - Faces
12. Show & A.G.- Next level (instrumental)
13. INI featuring Pete Rock,Q-tip,Large Professor - To each his own
14. Atcq - Electric relaxation (bonus track)
15. De La Soul - Stakes is high (acapella) - bonus track

Side 2 has more instrumental tracks. The last 4 songs are with words.

Side 2
1. Dilated Peoples - Work the angles
2. L-Fudge - Show me your gratitude
3. M.F. DOOM - Gas Drawls
4. Mike Zoot - Live & Stink
5. Mr. Complex - why dont cha
6. Showboys - Drag rap
7. Sir Melenik - So intelligent
8. Sleestackz - Crystal clear
9. Rhyme Fest - How we chill
10. Atmosphere - Brief description
11. Dilated Peoples - Triple optics
12. Mos Def & Kweli - Definition1 (bonus track)
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Original author/source
Review:Side 1:

where dj all star wants to let you hear some of the music Quite a Few People surprisingly have never heard.

KRS-One: Step into a world
Atmosphere: Multiples
Co-Flow: Johnny Rookie Card Inst. from Fondle 'em's Boulevard Connection
Mos Def: Universal Magnetic
Tame One & El the Sensei (or, Brick City Kids, or, Artifacts without a
record deal): Haagen Daaz from Fondle 'em's Boulevard Connection
Heiro: The Who
Shabaam Sideeq: Soundclash
Brick City Kids (artifacts): Brick City Kids
Get Open: Here and Now
L. Fudge f/Mike Zoot Kweli, Shabaam, Eminem: What If
Aceyalone: Faces
Show & A.G.: Next Level Inst.
INI f/ Pete Rock,Q-tip,Large Professor: To each His Own

atcq: electric relaxation
de la: stakes is high acapella

Side 2:

where dj allstar just looked around on the floor and in the crates for songs that looked like they'd blend with each other nicely (one take, blind selection of records) for the rhyme sayers (instrumental mix)

Dilated Peoples: Work the Angles
L-Fudge: show me your gratitude
M.F. DOOM: Gas Drawls
Mike Zoot: Live & Stink
Mr. Complex: why dont cha
Showboys: Drag Rap
Sir Melenik: So Intelligent

(uh, words)
Sleestackz: Crystal Clear
Rhyme Fest: How we Chill
Atmosphere: Brief Description
Dilated Peoples: Triple Optics

os Def & Kweli (big ups stress mag): Definition1 (or, let's see what i can do with two sheets of plastic from a magazine glued to some old records)\
source: unknown, added: Feb 23, 2005

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