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DJ Allstar - Mixtape Volume II : Warning

Release:Mixtape Volume II : Warning
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Info:Vinyl record.

Side 1
1. Boogiemonsters - Warning
2. Aceyalone, Tony da skitzo - Shatterproof (instrumental)
3. Jeru - Me, not the paper
4. Krumb Snatcha - Gettin' closer to God
5. Rubberroom - Street theme (instrumental)
6. Aceyalone, Tony da skitzo, Mixmaster Mike - Consumption
7. Mystik Journeymen - Escape forever
8. KRS-One featuring Smooth B., Rah Goddess, Rampage -
Temple of Hip Hop
9. Killarmy - Wu-Renegades (instrumental)
10. INI featuring Pete Rock - Fakin' Jax
11. INI - Square One
12. Sev Statik - Rebuild
13. KRS-One - A Friend (instrumental)
14. Company Flow - 8 Steps to Perfection (lost mix)

Side 2
1. Polyrhythm addicts - Not your ordinary
2. Mike Zoot - Scene
3. Reflection Eternal - 2000 Seasons
4. Untitled primo (instrumental)
5. Mr. Lif - This won
6. Mos Def - If you can huh you can hear
7. Jurrasic 5 - Blacktop beat
8. D. Prosper a.k.a. mastermind - Waited all my life
9. Xecutioners - Musica negra
10. Arsonists - Venom
11. Aceyalone - Fortitude (instrumental)
12. Kid thun - I wonder (life)
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Original author/source
Review:Another mixtape for public consumption. i'm very happy with this one as well, so it's out there. dag it's tight. mostly blending (very nice blending) on this one. When's the last time you heard BLENDING on a tape consisting of some dope b-boy type hip hop? (as opposed to always hollering over the music, and scratching the songs in.
All songs grand royal guaranteed fresh.


Head nod side: The Warning

Boogiemonsters: Warning
Aceyalone, Tony da skitzo: Shatterproof (Inst)
Jeru: Me, Not the Paper
Krumb Snatcha: Gettin' Closer to God
Rubberroom: Street Theme (inst)
Aceyalone, Tony da skitzo, Mixmaster Mike: Consumption
Mystik Journeymen: Escape Forever
KRS-One Featuring Smooth B., Rah Goddess, Rampage:
Temple of Hip Hop
Killarmy: Wu-Renegades Inst
INI f/Pete Rock: Fakin' Jax
INI: Square One
Sev Statik: Rebuild
KRS-One: A Friend (Inst)
Company Flow: 8 Steps to Perfection (lost mix)

Other side:

chillin' the fresh way:
"can you not see that i am serious?"
the b side-what's on the tables? or,
"hmm this looks good let's throw it on"
a bouillabase in which you hear the following:

polyrhythm addicts: not your ordinary
mike zoot: scene
reflection eternal: 2000 Seasons
untitled primo instrumental
mr. lif: this won
mos def: if you can huh you can hear

jurrasic 5: blacktop beat
d. prosper aka mastermind: waited all my life
xecutioners: musica negra
arsonists: venom
aceyalone: fortitude inst
kid thun: i wonder (life)
source: unknown, added: Feb 23, 2005

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