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K2S (Key To Salvation) - Better Dayz

Release:Better Dayz
Better Dayz
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Metro One
Info:Production by Dan Garcia. Executive production by Brian Ray. A&R by Chris Lizotte. Recorded and mixed by Dan Garcia at New Earth Studios, Pasadena, California. Except for Common ground recorded at The mastering Lab., Hollywood, California. Technical support Mike Wambsgans and Stephen Haselton. Spectrasonics samples courtesy of Eric Persing. 2 Live Dudes drum samples were used. P-51 fly by: Major Mark Higley (USMC Ret.). Boys choir management and tutor Armand Hillside.
Musicians: Shawn Tubbs (guitars), James raymond (keyboards), Greg Cavillo (Bass) and Bob Wilson (drums). Guest appearances by Chrystal Lewis, Priesthood, The Insyderz, Kristina Hamilton (vocals), Kym Watters (vocals) and RMB (Jack Norby) for Blessed Hope Music (vocals). All songs written by Donald Newman and Ken Henderson except track 2 and 8.

Photography by David Hobson. Design and lay out Daniel Fairbanks.

1. One Body
2. How deep is your love
3. Better Dayz
4. When no one cares
5. Good
6. Channel 3 “live”
7. Mind set
8. Common ground
9. Keep moving, keep going
10. Child of God
11. True love waits
12. Life of a christian
13. If I didn’t have you
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