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Tre-9 - Thy Kingdom Come EP

Release:Thy Kingdom Come EP
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Much Luvv Records
Info:1. Walking in A New Light
2. Stop Playin
3. Crazy
4. Enemies
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Review:Tre-9 came to know the Lord in 1993, but he came to the mic in '87.

Tre sends a strong and direct message to his Christian family, conclusively telling them to seek God's instruction. Positive responses have been given to Tre-9 from believers who say they've had past struggles within the body, in confronting their fears and dealing with those who've hurt them.

As well, this rapper makes faith music for street hustlers, gang lifers, and young up-and-comings who could be about to make turns for the worst.

Tre is the positive hip hop alternative preachers and parents constantly complain does not exist. And his vow is to exclaim his "much luvv" affirmation to all who will survey.

"Thy Kingdom Come" is his first solo offering.
source: unknown, added: Feb 23, 2005

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