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Change - Tuesday mournings

Release:Tuesday mournings
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Recordlabel:Skripted Sandz Records
Info:Guest appearances by Boombox Titans, K-Otic, Kid Sundance and Manchild.

1. Respect intro
2. I'm back
3. Atheists
4. 6 Shots featuring Boombox Titans
5. Take it back
6. Somebody tell me featuring Kid Sundance
7. Signed my fate
8. Tuesday mournings
9. I remember
10. She was... featuring Manchild of Mars ILL
11. Searching featuring K-Otic
12. Heartaches
13. He was...
14. You do you
15. Come so far
16. Tears of a man featuring K-Otic
17. I live it
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Review:Written by LaRosa
Monday, 14 November 2005
Change - Tuesday Mournings

Okay, so I got a PM on the Sphere of Hip-Hop message board from Change asking me if I would review his new album Tuesday Mournings on my website. Now to be frankly honest, I had never heard of this guy, other than knowing him as a fellow member on the Sphere of Hip-Hop message board. I figured what the heck and told him to go ahead and send me the album, and I'd review it for him. Why? Well, I'm always interested in hearing new artists, and I'll hardly ever turn down a free Christian hip-hop CD (whether it's good or not).

Well, Tuesday Mournings finally came in the mail and as I was pulling it out of the mailer, the first thing that immediately grabbed my attention was the cover art. The artwork on this album was of an angel in prayer in the middle of a cemetary. Then on top that, Change's name was written in a very nice Old English font. Now, I knew that this was a Christian hip-hop album, but after looking at the cover art, I really didn't know what kind of album to expect; I went ahead and took a guess that this album would be rugged and dark, so I threw the disc into my computer's CD-ROM drive so I could take a listen.

Indeed, the album starts off rather dark with the opening track "Respect Intro." You can quickly tell that Change is an emcee that has a lot on his mind & heart and that he's going to use this album as his outlet. In "I'm Back," Change confirms that he's got a lot on his mind by declaring that he's back and that he's going to deliver lyrics that are going to change your life, which is exactly what you get with this album. A perfect example of this is the very next track titled "Atheists," where he goes headon attacking the atheistic belief that there is no God by giving concrete reasoning for the existence of God.

The first three tracks serve as a mere taste of what you get in the remainder of Tuesday Mournings. Tracks like "6 Shots" and "Somebody Tell Me" are both very upbeat tracks featuring members of the Boombox Titans. These joints take you back to the days when Change was living out in Las Vegas and building with these guys. You can't help but to bob your head to jams like these; the Boombox Titans have always had the ability to make you want to get out of your seat and dance. Then you get old school joints like "Take It Back" where Change gives you a little bit of his history and how he got involved in hip-hop, as well as showing his desire to take hip-hop back to its roots.

Now, that's all good and well, but where Change really shines on this album is with his wonderfully crafted wordplay through storytelling. When you hear heartfelt songs like "Tuesday Mournings," you can't help but to see Change's spirit and the mourning he feels in the lost of his father. I have to say, with the emotion behind that song, it can't help but to be my favorite song on the album. And then you get other tracks like "Heartaches" where he tells the story of a girl that was abused & beaten. "Heartaches" is very chilling as it starts off with a little girl sending up a little prayer to Jesus, and then the female voice on the hook takes it over the top; I almost shed a tear everytime I hear this track. Along the same lines there's the track "Tears of a Man" where Change & K-Otic share a little about their previous lifestyles and asks the listener if they can really see what that lifestyle has done to them. He basically tells you the story of his life and how he overcame living the street life and how Christ came and changed him.

A very bass heavy record, I must say that I was very impressed with Change and his album. It's very rare nowadays that you get to hear an album with this much heart and passion to the point where it absolutely captivates you as the listener. Tuesday Mournings isn't all about making you dance and bob your head, but more about sharing experiences and deep feelings. I appreciate Change for sharing his heart and putting out this album. If you don't know about Change, you need to; go pick up this album and feel this brother's heart and what he has to say because it'll change your life.

3.5 of 5 stars
source: Sphereofhiphop.com, added: Aug 12, 2006

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