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K-Drama - 14 2 Life : Illustrations of self

Release:14 2 Life : Illustrations of self
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Recordlabel:T.H.I.S. Click Records
Info:Production by Jay Tha Kid, Lesun, Platinum Tips, Theory Hazit, Tony Stone. Guest appearances by Bracey, Charde Campbell, Dre Blezzid, Jay Tha Kid , Kurrect , Manchild, mTribs, Theory Hazit, Wonder Brown

1. 14 2 life
2. Why I spit?
3. Did he say that
4. Underrated
5. Throw the chairs in the church - featuring Theory Hazit & Wonder Brown
6. Valley view avenue
7. Unforgiven
8. Donít waste my time - featuring mTribs
9. I may not feel the same - featuring Kurrect
10. Urgency
11. Get away
12. Seriously - featuring mTribs & Dre Blezzid
13. School of thought - featuring Manchild of Mars ILL
14. Iím tired - featuring Jay Tha Kid
15. Love life - featuring Bracey
16. It starts with me
17. 2getha again
18. Midnight love - featuring Charde Campbell
19. Life is so beautiful
Rating:Our users rated this release: 6.7 out of 10
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