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DJ Maj - Sabbatical Transit

Release:Sabbatical Transit
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Media:[Audio Tape]
Recordlabel:Indie (Independant Release)
Info:Mix tape featuring Grits, Flynn Adam Atkins, Knowdaverbs, Boogiemonsters, Out of Eden and others.

Path 1:
1. Gritty Witt (Grits)
2. The Movement (Cross Movement)
3. Sound-O-Butta (Sounds of Blackness)
4. Boogie-Beginning To End (Boogie Monsters)
5. King's Sheets (Idol King)
6. John Reuben's Monuments (John Reuben)
7. Erace Meets Biggie? (Erace)
8. Brothers In A Rage (Blood Brothers)

Path 2.
1. Eden's Dazz Mix (Out of Eden)
2. Knowdaverbs (Knowdaverbs)
3. Flynn Adam Adkins (Flynn Adam Adkins)
4. LPG Gets Stet (LPG)
5. Not -R- Selves (Not -R- Selves)
6. Comprehend? (Cajun)
7. Netcasterz Network Assembly (Netcasterz)
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