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Playdough - Don't Drink The Water

Release:Don't Drink The Water
Don't Drink The Water
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:7 Spin Music
Info:1. Uptodate
2. Dang!
3. Emergency broadcast
4. You sound funny
5. Tip your hat
6. Sandal sole
7. Saddle up
8. Leave you
9. Huh!
10. Don't drink the water
11. The difference
12. Ghetto blaster
13. Daisy proof
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Review:Written by SSRC
Friday, 18 November 2005
Playdough - Donít Drink The Water

Knowing yourself means understanding how youíre likely to behave under various circumstances. When your friend plays you the new Mike Jones album do you nod your head in approval because he is all over MTV or do you give him your honest opinion of the music? We are all influenced by something and the new Playdough album challenges the listener to start thinking for themselves, not to follow trends or the views of the majority. Once this album is in your CD player be ready to be brought into the mind of an emcee that is not afraid to challenge the norm.

If boom bap is what you fiend for the production on this album will make you smile. Almost every track has the hard hitting drums that compliment Playdoughís flow that just happens to be one of the games best. The albums first single is Emergency Broadcast and has Playdough rapping about the lack of variety on the radio and how we need change. The drums and guitar mesh on this hard track and make a great lead single. The next track You Sound Funny is a look at materialism in Hip Hop. It is interesting to see how over the years the skills have decreased and the bragging about what you have or want has increased. Materialism has always been apart of Hip Hop but at least in the beginning more of the artists could rap and make it sound fresh. Playdough sheds light on the subject but doesnít break a lot of new ground.

If the album produces a second single Saddle Up will be the logical choice. Teamed with Kevin Max on the chorus, radio would eat this track up. It helps that the song is dope so itís not a blatant attempt for a radio single. The emcee talks about his life on the road going from city to city for little to no doe but spreading the good news where he can. Next up is Leave You that showcases Playdough and his story telling skills. After a concert a young girl walks up to give him daps on the show and they start talking. Playdough asks about her favorite group and she goes through a list of the billboard top 40 which is cool. Then he asks what her favorite record was and she could not answer because she only listened to the music because it was cool. He does such a good job you feel like you are listening into the conversation, very nice song. Dust then steps up with his signature fresh back drop on Leave You and proves to be nice change of pace on the production side. If you plan on making a mixtape and are looking for the perfect opener the song Donít Drink The Water is the perfect fit. Once you listen to the track you will know what I am talking about.

I could go on for another couple paragraphs about the remaining songs as Playdough came through with a solid sophomore album but you get the picture. As a true lyricist can, he talks about topics that have been touched on before but is able to put a new twist and they donít become tired. The production on the record is great and he sounds really fresh over those boom bap beats. What would have been nice is one or two tracks with a more soulful feel. Strategically placed they would not have taken away from the albums flow and given it a little more variety. With his second album and the Deepspace5 album 2005 is shaping up to be a great year for Playdough. This album will be in a lot of peopleís top 10ís list and rightfully so. Playdough delivers a top notch album with top notch rhymes and top notch beats. You canít ask for much more so if you are a fan this album needs to be purchased and if not it just might make you one.

4 of 5 stars
source: Sphereofhiphop.com, added: Aug 12, 2006

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